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The Family Recovery Documentary transforms outdated practices, empowering families on their recovery journey with compassionate, inspirational stories and expert insights.

 According the Pew Research Center, nearly half (46%) of Americans have a family member or close friend who have been addicted to drugs or alcohol

A study published in 2022 found that those with strong family support are twice as likely to achieve lasting sobriety two years post-treatment compared to those without such support.

Family recovery empowers families affected by substance use to heal, grow, and contribute to their loved one's lasting recovery. The Family Recovery Documentary's mission is to educate, equip, and empower families affected by substance use.

"This documentary will empower families on their recovery journey."  - Kathy Wrenn

When a family member is suffering the negative effects of substance use, it destabilizes the entire family system. Families often feel alone in their search for direction and support. The Family Recovery Documentary aims to be a lifeline for families and loved ones, providing reliable education, compassionate actionable solutions, and the tools to become a powerful allies in recovery.


  • Educate families on the impact of substance use on both health and family dynamics.

  • Equip families with the tools to compassionately address substance use and promote health and wellness.

  • Empower families to realize their potential for positive change.


  • Weave expertise and personal narratives for a powerful and inspiring message.

  • Reach a diverse audience through accessible distribution. 

  • Launch Fall 2024

Support The Family Recovery Documentary by donating through our GiveButter campaign linked below. Donations from individuals, foundations, and grants are welcome, and all contributions are tax-deductible through our 501c3. Your support makes a meaningful impact on our mission.

*Please note that we do not accept donations from treatment providers for this initiative.

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