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Share Your Story

Share Your Family Recovery Story!

We are looking for families who have embraced family recovery and seen the positive impact of creating a supportive environment that fosters change. We invite you to share your family’s unique journey by submitting a 5-minute video capturing your family's recovery story.


Selected stories will be featured in the documentary, offering a platform to inspire others through the journey of your family's recovery.



- Record a 5-minute video using your laptop or smartphone.
- Ensure the video is filmed horizontally for optimal viewing.
- Answer the question: How has your family recovery work influenced  

healing and wellbeing in the family?
- Avoid using stigmatizing language such as "drug user," "addict," “clean/dirty,” and "abuse" in your video.
- Submit the video and fill out the survey through the provided Google Form.

Thank you for being a beacon of hope in our collective journey towards healing and resilience.

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