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Meet Our Team

Pam Lanhart

Pam Lanhart is the Founder and Executive Director of Thrive Family Recovery Resources, a non-profit that helps families nationally connect to resources, education and support. She is a certified family recovery coach, certified peer recovery specialist, Invitation to Change and CRAFT practitioner and Arise interventionist. Pam is also the 2021 recipient of the Faces & Voices Vernon Johnson Award honoring her tenacious and outstanding national advocacy and work, devoted to spreading the message of recovery, harm reduction and helping families activate their recovery. She has most recently been appointed to serve on the MN Governor’s Task Force to address substance use in her state.

“On 10/23/21 we lost our son to the disease of addiction. For me, recovery is about intention.  How do I show up for others in my life?  Through our recovery, we learned to intentionally love our son even through the hardest moments.  I want others to have that experience.  I am passionate about helping families heal together, restore their relationships and walk through this journey in such a way, that when they look back, they will have no regrets. This project will help families learn, grow and most importantly, heal together.  If it can save one life, it will have served its purpose.”

Shelly Young

Shelly Young works at the intersections of wellness, family systems, mental health, the impact of substance use, harm reduction and recovery.


She is Executive Director of The Chris Atwood Foundation, a Writer, Speaker and Certified ARISE Interventionist with a private consultancy serving families and individuals in crisis. She is a Board Member of Unity Recovery in Philadelphia. STAR(Striving To Achieve Recovery) Family Program Creator/Facilitator at the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center, the Co-creator of the first ever Family Recovery Conference, a virtual conference for families impacted by substance use. When Google Health wanted to know how to help families impacted by substance use better, they asked Shelly what she thought they should do.

"There hasn't been a narrative shifting film centered on the family response and family recovery that I have found. I’m excited and honored partner on a film project to illuminate the importance of family recovery and how its done so all families can experience the peace and healing found in recovery."

Kathy Wrenn

Kathy Wrenn is the Executive Director of Illume Family Recovery, Inc, a 501(c)(3) that provides resources and coaching for families that have a loved one struggling with a substance use disorder. In addition, she is a Certified BALM Family Recovery Coach, "walking alongside" family members to help them navigate the recovery journey by providing education, tools and support. In addition, she writes content, curriculum, and teach lessons in the BALM community. In her local community, she organizes and facilitates family recovery workshops and support groups.

Kathy continues to utilize her past experiences and skills as a teacher, wellness coordinator and school drug prevention coordinator as she expands her roles in the family recovery field. 

"When we started this journey with our son, we didn't know where to turn for help and spent a great deal of time and money trying to figure out the best approach. When we opened our minds to embracing the family recovery skills and tools, things started changing and our family started healing. For years, I have felt a push to make a documentary that could help provide life changing direction and hope to families on this chaotic journey."

Jess Speight

Jess Speight is film director, producer, and founder of Rain Dance Productions. He has excelled in creating a diverse portfolio, spanning documentaries, music videos, and interview series', covering topics from sports philanthropy to Substance Use Disorder in young adults. As the driving force behind Rain Dance Productions, Jess takes on roles as director or producer for every project.

Jess has brought attention to important issues, inspiring action and change through the power of storytelling and filmmaking. Jess uses the power of storytelling and filmmaking to inspire and advocate for important causes, creating meaningful and impactful projects.

"My inspiration to work on this family recovery documentary stems from a close friend's substance use disorder and his family's immense struggle to navigate their situation in a healthy manner. I envision a different outcome for my friend and his family had they possessed the right resources. My goal is to empower families to navigate the complexities of addiction with love and understanding, fostering a positive change for families with loved ones struggling with addiction."

Expert Interviews

Each expert will be interviewed and provide evidence-based information and best practices that will shine the light on topics that are important to family recovery. 

Stay Tuned: more experts will be added.

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